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What Parents Look for in a Child Care Center
How Safe is Your Classroom? Identifying Hazards Before Accidents Happen
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Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute May Newsletter. This month, CCEI discusses 'What Parents Look for in a Child Care Center'.

Choosing a child care center can be an exciting, yet daunting, experience for a parent. Accompanied by guilt, fear and a desire to provide only the best for their child, parents look for specific qualities in a child care center.

First and foremost, parents are looking for a place where their child will be safe and nurtured in their absence.  Take a look around your school or classroom.  What is the first thing parents see when they walk in the door?  Do they see and hear happy children playing in a safe environment?  Are the toys, equipment and floors clean?  If you answered no to either of these questions, consider the actions you must take to remedy the situation and create a safe and nurturing environment.

In addition to safety, parents will be concerned with the school's educational philosophy.  Be prepared to discuss the learning approaches used to deliver the educational portion of your program to the children. Parents will be looking for the approach that most fits the needs of their child.

Parents want to ensure that the staff, who are caring for their child, meet minimum education requirements and receive quality on-going professional development.  Ensure your staff members not only meet the minimum mandated requirements, but are receiving the training they need to provide a creative, developmentally appropriate, and educationally sound environment.

Parents will continually evaluate the characteristics and quality of the program they select for their children.  As an administrator and teacher, it is your responsibility to consistently maintain program quality in order to ensure parent and student satisfaction with your program.

Many national organizations provide parents with checklists to help identify the qualities to look for in a child care center before making a selection.  Examples of these checklists are included in the 'Early Childhood Articles' section of this newsletter.  Become familiar with the qualities parents are looking for and be prepared to address their concerns. 

In today's competitive child care market, customer service separates the quality programs from the mediocre ones, and can often make the financial differences in increased enrollments that make quality programming possible. By giving customers "added touches" that are supplemental to quality care for their children, your center sets the stage for gaining a reputation for good customer service. Join the CCEI Discussion Thread to share the "added touches" that your center provides to the families you serve. 
How Safe is Your Classroom? Identifying Hazards Before Accidents Happen
By: Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
There are many types and locations of child care environments. Some classrooms may be located in centers, churches, schools, or homes. Some facilities are newly constructed for the purpose of child care, while other programs are located in outdated or remodeled buildings. Regardless of the setting, it is our responsibility to assure the safety and well-being of children in our care at all times.

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Early Childhood News
Selecting a Child Care Site
By: Diane Corrin Reviewed by Harold Alexander

To find a quality day care site you need to look for several things. Not only does it involve care in a friendly, loving, and warm environment, but the care should also promote your child's intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth.

The physical environment of the care site is very important since your child may be spending up to 10 hours there every day. A clean, comfortable atmosphere is desirable. Surroundings should encourage learning and individuality as well as provide enough space for playtime and rest.

Susan B. - Cedar Hills, Texas
Susan is a CCEI professional development student and Director of Destiny Kids Academy in Cedar Hills, Texas. Susan uses completed CCEI professional development courses to meet licensing requirements and also uses the information for her career as a Registered Nurse.  Susan enjoys guiding children to love learning. She likes to focus on hands-on learning and developing advanced programs for her Pre-K students. In her free time, Susan loves to read books, specifically mysteries and books about childhood education.
CCEI Announces Partnership with National Child Care Association

ChildCare Education Institute has entered into a partnership with National Child Care Association (NCCA) to offer online child care certification programs including the National Administrator Credential (NAC), NAC Renewal, and Child Care Professional (CCP) Renewal Programs. Students will access online coursework through a NCCA training portal designed and hosted by CCEI.  The online training portal provides students user-friendly enrollment, easy access to coursework, and a self-paced learning environment. In addition, the agreement provides NCCA members five scholarships to be awarded and used for the CCEI Online NAC program.

ChildCare Education Institute Gives Child Care Staff Access to Professional Development Courses in Honor of Provider Appreciation Day, May 8

CCEI provided over 1,710 professional development hours to early childhood staff in honor of Provider Appreciation Day! This was an opportunity for CCEI to recognize and reward early childhood professionals, teachers, center directors and staff for the valuable role they play in the development of children.  Research has shown that the early years in a child's life are the most vital for development and high-quality child care is a critical component.  It's important to appreciate those professionals who devote their careers to caring for young children.

Thank you to all early childhood professionals!

ChildCare Education Institute Announces New Website at www.cceionline.com
www.cceionline.com has been redesigned to better serve the needs of students, prospective students and the child care industry. Not only pleasing to the eye, the updated design and improved navigation makes finding enrollment requirements, program descriptions, and scholarship opportunities effortless.

The current and relevant content provides visitors with valuable information, whether they want to register for professional development courses or conduct research to determine which certificate program is right for them. The constantly updated testimonial page and the graduate student satisfaction statistics are testament to CCEI's position as the leader in online child care training.
Annual, unlimited professional development subscriptions, only $99!

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI), a distance training institution, offers over 100 online, IACET CEU awarded professional development courses that meet continuing education requirements. Courses are offered in English and Spanish and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer with Internet access. 

CCEI has an articulation agreement with Ashford University, giving CCEI students the opportunity to articulate completed coursework to Ashford University for college credit.  Fifteen (15) credit hours of completed CCEI professional development coursework translates to one (1) unit of elective credit at Ashford University.

Center-Based Subscriptions
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Meet the coursework requirements of the Council for Professional Recognition with 120 hours in formal child care training from CCEI! CCEI offers online course of study options that allow you to work independently and at your convenience with access to courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  CCEI offers three online CDA program options, depending on your needs.  For those seeking college credit, the Online College Credit Eligible CDA is a great choice.  Students successfully completing all requirements of this program not only meet the CDA coursework requirement, but are also eligible to receive up to 26 quarter-hour credits from Kendall College.  This is an instructor supported program.  CCEI also offers a non college credit instructor supported program and a self-study CDA program.  The Online Self Study CDA is designed for students who can successfully work independently. 

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June 14 - 17, 2009 - NAEYC's 18th National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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