Volume 1, Issue 1 - August, 2006

This monthly newsletter is designed to provide early childhood professionals with tools to enhance their knowledge of the child care industry. This issue includes information regarding Supporting Appropriate Choices: The Teacher and Classroom Discipline.

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Supporting appropriate choices in the early childhood classroom allows a teacher to implement positive reinforcement strategies including distraction, redirection, setting limits and positive reinforcement. It is important to remember that discipline is a word that mean to teach. It is a positive means of setting limits that leads to a child developing self-control and responsibility.

ChildCare Education Institute course number CCEI660, "Supporting Appropriate Choices: The Preschool Teacher and Classroom Discipline" provides an explanation of why children misbehave and why teachers react in certain ways to a child's misbehavior. Several discipline strategies and techniques are introduced to support appropriate behavior resulting in a positive classroom environment.

We invite you to join the Online Learning Community Discussion Thread and share your best practices and the positive reinforcement methods used in your classroom. Review methods used by industry early childhood professionals and obtain useful information for implementing these methods in your classroom environment.

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By John Funk, M.A.

Several years ago, I was beginning my new assignment as an early
childhood education manager for the Salt Lake CAP Head Start and began
visiting each classroom within the agency. At one point, I came to a
classroom that had a girl with challenging behavior issues. The teacher looked at me, pointed to the child, and said, "Help! Fix that kid!" The situation reaction and the plea for help cemented for me the realization that we were badly in need of staff training. At the time, I had only a limited Special Needs staff and I knew that the teachers needed to be given more resources to handle challenging behaviors.
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