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Developmentally Appropriate Classrooms
Article: Be More Specific Than You're Terrific
Article: Classroom Design and How it Influences Behavior
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 Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute August Newsletter!  This month CCEI discusses
 developmentally appropriate classrooms.
 Generally, discipline is viewed as a form of
 control in the classroom with rules and
 regulations to follow.  Rules are often maintained
 or enforced by inappropriate methods such as
 punishment, harassment, or humiliation.  Placing
 children in a corner or denying a toy or activity,
 telling the child over and over again that they
 behaved poorly or scolding the child in front of
 their friends, are not only inappropriate examples
 of discipline, these examples take away a child's 

The word discipline means to teach.  Unlike the examples listed above, discipline is a process that helps a child develop self-control and responsibility while expanding self-growth and learning.  Setting limits, often associated with discipline should be positive and offer children a structure in which to grow.

Through limit setting, children learn the boundaries of behaviors.  They develop a sense of acceptable and non-acceptable behavior.  The classroom teacher must view non-acceptable behavior as teachable moments where children learn from their mistakes.  Discipline should not be a punitive measure that results in a child developing poor self esteem.

Limits help children organize and manage their      lives in ways that are socially acceptable and personally rewarding.  They are positive forms
of discipline and should emerge from life experiences.
  Some will be flexible, since experiences in a classroom change from
moment to moment.

CCEI1660: Supporting Appropriate Choices the Preschool Teacher and Classroom Discipline is a professional development course that offers many positive examples of appropriate methods to be used in the early childhood classroom.  Enroll in this or one of 120 professional development courses offered online at www.cceionline.com to expand your knowledge and continue your professional growth.

Online Learning Community Discussion Thread
The subject of this month's Online Learning Community Discussion Thread is Methods of Positive Reinforcement.  Log on to discuss the developmentally appropriate methods of positive reinforcement that you are using in your early childhood classroom.  Share your creative ideas with other early childhood professionals and receive feedback from the CCEI faculty.

Be More Specific Than You're Terrific
By Jane Pratte
 Children do wonderful and delightful things.
 They perform acts of bravery, kindness,   
 honesty,  and respectfulness. Yet these actions
 are often rewarded with generic "at-a-boys,"
 "You're great," "Wow, you did it!" or "You're
 terrific." Acts of goodness deserve more than a
 casual pat on the back and should receive more
 attention than negative behaviors.
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Classroom Design and How it Influences Behavior
By Judith Colbert
 Early childhood classrooms serve as the physical 
 environment for adults and young children for
 most of their waking hours.  Although it is
 important for classrooms to be attractive to the
 eye, it is equally, if not more important, that they
 function effectively.

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