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Healthy Bodies and Growing Minds
Teaching Nutrition Concepts to Preschoolers
Helping Children Care for Their Bodies
Summer of Wonder Curriculum
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Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute January Newsletter. 
This month CCEI discusses Healthy Bodies and Growing Minds.

Good nutrition is important for people of all ages, but it is especially important for children. 
Children need good nutrition for proper growth and development.  Improper nutrition could
result in undesirable side effects in a child's growth and development.

Since many children receive the majority of their meals each day while attending school, it is

essential they are provided with a healthy, balanced diet.  In some cases children eat not only

breakfast, snacks, and lunch at school, they also receive their evening meal as part of their

school program. 

Providing healthy meals in the child care setting encourages lifelong proper eating habits in children.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), only 12% of Americans have healthy, well-balanced diets. 

ChildCare Education Institute offers a number of professional development courses such as
CCEI 530A, The USDA Food Program and Meal Planning, to assist child care facilities in planning and implementing food programs that encourage healthy eating habits in young children.

Providing healthy meals and snacks in the child care setting is a great way to encourage children to form good eating habits. Cooking is an enjoyable activity for most children and a wonderful window of opportunity for both teaching and learning.  Join the CCEI Discussion Thread and share some of your fun recipes and cooking activities.

Teaching Nutrition Concepts to Preschoolers By Keecha Harris
  Preschool learning environments offer prime
  opportunities for establishing healthful
  attitudes and knowledge about food and
  nutrition. Often, however, more emphasis is
  placed on flavor than on the teachable
  attributes foods offer like colors, shapes,
  food origin, texture, and smell. When
  introducing nutrition concepts to
  preschoolers, it is important to build upon
  their pre-existing knowledge and integrate
                                                                              nutrition education into other activities. Read Article

Printed Courtesy of Early Childhood News
Helping Children Care for Their Bodies
By Carolyn Tomlin

  If early childhood educators believe that much of
  what a child learns in life, he learns before the age
  of six, then why do we sometimes fail to teach children
  good health habits? Isn't a healthy body as vital to
  growth and development as a healthy mind?            

  What can we do to improve our children's health
  habits? In this article, we'll discuss how teachers and
  parents can work together to foster a lifetime of good
  health for young children.

 Read Article

  Printed Courtesy of Early Childhood News
 A Summer Curriculum that gives children "A Summer of Wonder" and Excitement!

 Pinnacle's Summer of Wonder introduces children to the wonders of weather and nature.  The
 15-week curriculum for school age children provides a "Summer of Wonder" filled with activities
 and lessons related to weather preparedness, how weather phenomena effect nature, animals,
 and the effect the constellations have on geography, tides, and seasons.
Month One: Weathering the Storm
  - Weather Preparedness
  - Storm Chasers
  - Hurricanes, Typhoons, & Monsoons!
  - Tornadoes
  - Weather at Play
Month Two : Weather at Work
  - Frogs, Locusts, & Grasshoppers - Oh My!
  - Water at Work
  - Mountains, Caves, & Icebergs
  - Adaptive Animal Habitats
  - Volcanoes
Month Three : Weather Phenomena
  - Geography, Weather, & People
  - Weird Weather
  - Earthquakes & Tsunamis
  - Weather Myths
  - Sun, Moon, & Stars

 For a limited time, CCEI is offering Summer of Wonder for $49.99.  The program includes 15
 weeks of curriculum, 50 Parent Promotion Letters, 11x17 "A Summer of Wonder" promotional
 poster, 2 "A Summer  of Wonder" buttons for teachers to wear, and a complete Summer Camp
 Curriculum with interchangeable topics and themes designed to adapt to your scheduling needs.

 To take advantage of this special offer, call CCEI's Curriculum Specialist, Elaine Bullard, at
 800.499.9907 ext. 522.

Calendar of Events

January 26 - Visit CCEI at the 21st Annual Southern Conference on Children at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.
February 4, 5, 6 - Stop by the CCEI booth at the Region IV Head Start Association Annual Conference at Hilton Atlanta, in Atlanta, Georgia.
February 26, 27, 28, 29 - Visit CCEI at the 37th National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Conference at the Renaissance Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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