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Leadership in the Early Childhood Classroom
Policies & Practices: Menotring and Coaching Teachers
Our Role in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy
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Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute July Newsletter. This month, CCEI discusses 'Leadership in the Early Childhood Classroom'.

Early childhood mentors serve many roles in child care.  According to research, mentoring can provide teachers with a structured and supportive entry into the child care profession.  A mentor is experienced and is committed to assisting a less experienced person in becoming prepared for all aspects of their job.  

Experiences with a mentor can influence the outcome of adult learning.  A person being mentored often credits the mentor for guiding them to their success in life. A mentor plays seven major roles, including: communicator, coach, model, storyteller, researcher, keeper of the watch and facilitator.  

As a communicator, a mentor makes contact with others and exchanges thoughts and ideas.  Professional conversations often take place with mentors.  During these conversations, mentors must be prepared to listen.  A good mentor realizes listening should comprise half of the communication process.  

As a coach, a mentor encourages while making suggestions, observing and providing opinions.  As people come to them for assistance, the mentor becomes responsible for bringing out the best in each person.

As a model, a mentor must lead by example and show others, through their own behavior, how to perform tasks.

As a storyteller, a mentor listens to stories and shares their own stories with others.  Valuable memories can be wonderful learning experiences for others.

As a Keeper of the Watch, a mentor oversees that all is going well and manages time spent on certain goals.

As a researcher, a mentor is in the perfect position to further the knowledge of newer teachers.  Using new research in classroom situations can help build knowledge.

As a facilitator, a mentor serves as a guide. Being a facilitator can be time-consuming and can require planning and research hours outside of their normal schedule.  

Mentors are professionals who are committed to the early childhood field.  As leaders, we must commit ourselves to promoting increased professionalism and helping others find their role in the child care setting.  As professionalism in early care and education continues to evolve, we must take a leadership role and capitalize on the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of young children.

To learn more about the importance of leading by using effective mentoring techniques, logon to www.cceionline.com and register for the demo course offered this month by CCEI, "Leadership and Mentoring: Growing Your Staff" or join the CCEI discussion thread and share your mentoring experiences. What roles have mentors played in your professional development?
Log on to this month's Discussion Thread and share your ideas with other early childhood professionals.
Policies & Practices: Mentoring and Coaching Teachers
By: Kimberley B. Moore, Ph.D.
Recent research suggests that even teachers who learn the most current methods revert to what they experienced from their own teachers. The use of mentoring can counteract these "old memories" and help teachers teach in more relaxed, innovative, and developmentally appropriate ways.

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Article Courtesy of Scholastic.com
Our Role in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy
By: Chris Mahony

Chris Mahony, Director of the Kath Dickson Institute of Early Childhood Studies in Toowoomba, discusses the crucial roles of advocacy and leadership in our day-to-day practice. Over the past decade, there has been considerable interest in the concept of leadership in early childhood education and care. Rodd (2001, p. 10) argues that 'leadership is a contextual phenomenon, that is, it means different things to different people', and is another aspect of the difficult multi-faceted nature of leadership in early childhood education.

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Article Courtesy of Early Childhood Australia, Inc.

Gloria B. of Deerfield Beach, Florida
Gloria, of Deerfield Beach, Florida, is a recent CCEI FCCPC graduate. Gloria began her career in the child care business in March of 2003. She is currently the teacher in the young toddler's room at The Appleseed Preschool.  Gloria cherishes her time with her 12 crawlers and enjoys her daily interactions with the children. Her favorite time of the day is 'Story and Song' time.  She introduces songs with movements to the children to encourage speech development and physical development. She gets great joy out of the children singing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and moving their hands along to the words.  The children also love singing 'Wheels on the Bus'!  Gloria enjoys blowing bubbles with her students and encouraging them to explore the indoor activity area with tunnels for crawling.  Gloria's goals for her students include helping crawlers learn to walk, teaching her students new sounds and words, and helping them develop hand-eye coordination with songs and motions. 
Gloria is also a mother of two, one boy and one girl. As a family, they enjoy theme and amusement parks, going to the movies and shopping.  In her spare time, Gloria enjoys using her brain! Her favorite activity is completing puzzles and she also enjoys riddles and other problem solving games. In the future, Gloria will be pursuing her Director's Credential and would eventually like to teach Kindergarten.
Congratulations on your recent graduation from the CCEI FCCPC program, Gloria! And thank you for your contribution to the early education of children in your care!

This month, CCEI Radio features an interview with Rae Pica and Dr. Alvin Rosenfield, titled 'In Pursuit of the Perfect Child'. This interview focuses on what parents can do to raise a socially adept, secure, and nurtured child. Dr. Rosenfield warns against hyper-parenting and gives advice for determining what activities and enrichment are best for your children. Trusting instincts as a parent and building your life as a model is the best way to raise a child that is emotionally secure and a child that emulates the values you uphold as a parent. Listen today for tips on raising your children and how you can nurture the children in your classroom!

Rae Pica, Executive Director-Learning & Moving, is an internationally recognized educational consultant specializing in early childhood physical activity. Rae is also a contributing author of CCEI professional development coursework.  Dr. Alvin Rosenfield specializes in child psychiatry.  After graduating from Cornell University and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rosenfield later joined Stanford University Medical School's faculty where he headed its child psychiatry training program. In addition to having a private practice of adult and child psychiatry in New York City and Connecticut, he has authored five books, including, Hyper-Parenting and its paperback edition, The Over-Scheduled Child, co-authored by Nicole Wise.

Listening to CCEI Radio is Easy! Go to www.cceionline.com and click the CCEI Radio button on the right hand side of the website. Make sure to check CCEI's website every month for a new interview that is relevant to your career in the early childhood industry!
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HLTH101: Preparing for an Influenze Pandemic is based on information from the Department of Health and Human Services, USA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This course provides an overview of how to prepare for an influenza pandemic. Complete HLTH101 and learn information that can make you knowledgable and prepared in the event of a pandemic.
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July 22-24, 2009. One Goal Summer Conference 2009, Hyatt Regency at Tampa City Center, Tampa, Florida.

September 9-11, 2009. Primrose Schools Conference, Tucson, Arizona.

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