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The Professional Portfolio - Documenting Your Successes
Selling Yourself - Creating the Ultimate Teaching/Interview Portfolio
A Teacher Portfolio
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26-Hour College Credit Eligible CDA
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Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute June Newsletter.
This month, CCEI Discusses the Professional Portfolio - Documenting Your Successes

The secret is out!  You are a great director or teacher!  You have shown that by taking an interest in documenting your work. However, sometimes it is difficult to communicate your special talents and teaching abilities to others.  By designing a portfolio, you can more easily and concretely illustrate to others your teaching experiences, educational background, and strengths.

Center directors often use a portfolio as a resource in assessing the knowledge, skills, and performance of current and future directors or teachers.

First, let's define what a portfolio really is.  A portfolio is a collection of work and materials assembled in an approved format to demonstrate and document knowledge and skills.

A portfolio is proof of your expertise and can encompass knowledge and skills gained from a wide variety of sources.  Some of these sources include:  jobs, independent reading and study, training or in-service programs, hobbies, community or religious activities, military service, and organization memberships.

Portfolios are often reviewed for renewal of a license or a credential.  They are sometimes requested for verification and documentation in certification programs, or used to assess a candidate for academic credit, admissions, awards or scholarships.

It is important to note that a portfolio is a highly personalized product; no two are alike.  Both content and organization will differ widely based on the intended use, individual preferences, and style of the director or teacher developing it.  

A well-designed and developed portfolio ensures the strongest possible evidence of accomplishment for any director or teacher.  Portfolios capture professional growth over time so that you become an informed assessor of your own practice.  

Enjoy developing your portfolio and make it a dynamic tool that grows as you expand and develop your knowledge and skills in working with young children. Remember, your portfolio is an opportunity to show others your special abilities as an early childhood professional!

Join the CCEI Discussion Thread and share your strategies for creating your professional portfolio.  What have you included in your Professional Portfolio to document your early childhood knowledge, skills, performance and education?  How has your portfolio helped to advance your career?

Need guidance in creating your Professional Portfolio?  Register for CCEI800: The Director/Teacher Portfolio: Fostering and Documenting Professional Development.

Selling Yourself - Creating the Ultimate Teaching/Interview Portfolio
Contributors: luannel@ searnet.com, Peggy Dunn, crffanalena@ crf.cuis.edu, hbeesley@ juno.com, vickers@ abcs.com, to3290je@ uscolo.edu

  Whether you are a 20-year veteran or just
  starting out, a portfolio should be a key
  component of your teaching tools. Portfolios
  are a nearly universal requirement for the
  hiring process, but if you already have a
  secure job you should view a portfolio as
  your insurance against unforseen district
  shake-ups. Keeping one of these
  self-promotion tools up-to-date also can be a
  good exercise in self-evaluation.  
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Article Courtesy of TeachNet.com
A Teacher Portfolio
By: Susan Stein
  A Teacher Portfolio is an anthology of
  achievements that the teacher has
  accomplished, both in the classroom and
  elsewhere.  Remember that this is a personal
  document. It is designed to display that
  teacher's talents and proficiencies. It
  demonstrates a teacher's knowledge and
  skills. What the teacher includes is always a
  matter of intent. The question that should be
  asked is, "What am I trying to tell the reader
  about myself?"
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Article Courtesy of Tooter 4 Kids

As of June 1, 2008, the Virginia Department of Social Services has increased the hours of annual training required by child care workers.  Now, program directors and staff in the state of Virginia who work directly with children must complete 16 hours of staff development. Training must be related to child safety, child development, and the function of the child care center.

CCEI makes meeting the new requirements easy with online professional development courses approved by the state of Virginia, including the following:

CCEI110A: Indoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting
CCEI110B:  Outdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting
CCEI3014: How Children Learn
CCEI3010: Birth to Five: Physical Development in Young Children
CCEI1010: Planning an Early Childhood Environment that Promotes Creativity
CCEI770: Making Time! Time Management Skills for Administrators

For a full list of CCEI's state approvals, click here.
Child Development Associate Certificate
Meet the requirements of the Council of Professional Recognition for 120 hours in formal child care training with CCEI!  CCEI is pleased to offer the College Credit Eligible CDA.  Students successfully completing all required coursework in the CCEI College Credit Eligible CDA will not only meet the coursework requirement for the CDA, but will also be eligible to receive up to 26 quarter-hour credits from Kendall College.  Additionally, the program has the support of CCEI faculty who are experienced child care professionals and are available to assist you with coursework and preparation for the credential application. CCEI also offers a non college credit Instructor Supported CDA and an Online Self Study CDA.  With all programs, you work independently and at your convenience, with access to courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Child Development Associate Renewal
If it's been a while since you earned your CDA, you may want to start thinking about renewal.  Stay up-to date by completing your CDA Renewal before your credential expires. The 45 hours of coursework can be completed online with the CCEI Online CDA Renewal!

The flexibility of CCEI's Online CDA Renewal Program allows you to access your courses from any computer with Internet access.  Take courses from home, work, or the library.  The convenience of distance learning allows you to maintain your busy, work, personal, and social schedules.   Access to courses is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The program is instructor supported, giving you access to support at just a phone call away.  CCEI faculty and help desk are designed to help you every step of the way.

Renew your CDA for $399!  Registration is just a phone call away!  If you are a CCEI CDA Graduate, get $50 off your CDA Renewal!

Director's Certificate
CCEI provides a specialized professional development certificate for the child care director. The Director's Certificate
coursework concentrates on core competencies that facilitate the management of a child care center.  In June, enroll in the Online Instructor-Supported Director's Certificate for $550 and save 15%.  A Director's Certificate Renewal is also available.

Head Start Parenting Certificate
The Head Start Parenting Certificate is designed to provide parents the opportunity to enhance their parenting skills by understanding the developmental and educational needs of their children.

A Summer Curriculum that gives children "A Summer of Wonder" and Excitement!
Pinnacle's 'Summer of Wonder' introduces children to the wonders of weather and nature.  The
15-week curriculum for school age children provides a "Summer of Wonder" filled with activities
and lessons related to weather preparedness, how weather phenomena effect nature, animals,
and the effect the constellations have on geography, tides, and seasons.

For a limited time, CCEI is offering Summer of Wonder for $49.99.  The program includes 15
weeks of curriculum, 50 Parent Promotion Letters, 11x17 "A Summer of Wonder" promotional
poster, 2 "A Summer  of Wonder" buttons for teachers to wear, and a complete Summer Camp
Curriculum with interchangeable topics and themes designed to adapt to your scheduling needs.
To take advantage of this special offer, call CCEI's Curriculum Specialist, Elaine Bullard, at
800.499.9907 ext. 522.  Click to learn more about Summer of Wonder!

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July 11 - 12, 2008 - Visit CCEI at 2008 FACCM Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fl.

July 14 - 17, 2008 - National Registry Conference in Scottsdale, Az.

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