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Encouraging Parent Communication
Building Parent-Teacher Partnerships
Preschool Teacher Communication: Ways for Early Childhood Educators to Communicate with Parents
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between parents and caregivers in the early childhood setting is very important.  Both parents and caregivers have a goal of providing children with the best learning and growing environments.  Caregivers should strive to create trust between the parents and themselves so they can work together for the good of the children.

Creating trust between parents and caregivers involves using an open communication system that benefits the children, parents and caregivers. Caregivers are better able to help children learn when they communicate with the parents about the child.  They learn from the parents about each child's family, culture, home life, and language. 

In the early childhood setting, we communicate with parents for a variety of reasons.  In all our interactions with parents, we should create a positive and trusting environment by being respectful and honest. 

After parents have decided to enroll their child, seize your chance to get to know them and encourage them to become involved in the classroom or at the facility.  Greet parents at arrivals and dismissals.  Make parents, who may be uncomfortable with the school environment, feel at ease.

  Tell parents about yourself and your goals for
  the children in your class.  Let them know when
  you are available for meetings with them.
  Explain the child care facility's policies and
  answer any questions they might have.  Inform
  them of any special events.

  It may be hard to communicate with parents 
  who have long work schedules.  You may not
  even see many of these parents because they
  send another relative or a close friend to transport the child to and from the facility.  Other parents may find it hard to get involved in special activities because of an evening work schedule.  Keep these parents informed of classroom happenings and special events through written notes, telephone or email communication.

We communicate in various ways and with many different styles.  When we practice methods of positive and open communication, we can get to know parents and encourage them to build a partnership with us.  Children, parents and teachers all benefit from the partnership.

Join the CCEI Discussion Thread and share the methods your center uses to include working parents in school activities. To help you learn more about positive communication and building parent partnerships, CCEI offers courses CCEI520 & CCEI520P1 - Parent Communication and Family Involvement.

Building Parent - Teacher Partnerships

  The day-to-day reality of many families is
  different today than a generation ago.  Family
  members spend far less time together and
  adults often face an on-going struggle to
  balance the demands of their families and their
  jobs.  While these pressures can cause parents
  to participate less in their children's lives, there
  remains a great need for them to be involved in
  their children's education. 

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  Courtesy of National Association for the
  Education of Young Children

Preschool Teacher Communication: Ways for Early Childhood Educators to Communicate with Parents
  Communication among early
  childhood teachers and parents is
  important.  This article offers
  preschool educators ways to
  effectively communicate with parents.

  In the online publication titled,
  "Teaching Our Youngest: A Guide for
  Preschool Teachers, Childcare, and
  Family Providers," the U.S.
  Department of Education says "As a
  teacher, you and the children's parents and caregivers are partners in helping to get the children ready for future school success.  Good communication with parents and caregivers can build support for and strengthen the important work that you are doing in the classroom." There are a variety of methods that early childhood teachers can use to effectively communicate with parents.

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Courtesy of Suite101.com

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March 29 - Visit CCEI at the 20th Annual Early Childhood Conference in Ocala, Florida.

March 29 - CCEI will sponsor the Hall of Celebration Poster Session at the ACEI 2008 Annual International Conference & Exhibition.  Stop by and celebrate the Week of the Classroom Teacher.

April 1 - 5, 2008 - CCEI will be exhibiting at National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies Policy Symposium 2008.

April  3 - 5, 2008 - Visit CCEI at Booth #651 at the California Association for the Education of Young Children 2008 Annual Conference and Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA.

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