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Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute newsletter!  This month CCEI discusses the importance of Inclusion in the Early Childhood Classroom.

A multicultural early childhood classroom assists children with recognizing differences, as well as similarities, among all people. Allowing children to explore varying cultures creates opportunities for them to see that even when people have different customs and traditions, they often share some common traits.

Children learn that people can be different and unique and still have much in common. Such realizations help young children learn to accept differences and aid in eliminating prejudice and racism. These realizations assist children with accepting and respecting people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Cooperative social skills are encouraged in a multicultural classroom environment. As children learn to accept the differences and similarities of their peers, they learn to work together, get along with others and begin to see other’s viewpoint and individuality.

The multicultural classroom also assists children from minority cultures develop cooperation and social skills in unfamiliar settings. Their self-esteem is boosted as they are recognized and accepted for their individuality.

Children recognize the worth of their traditions and customs while building self confidence. The early childhood program that is culturally sensitive builds the self-confidence of its children by integrating the cultures of all the children into learning experiences.

CCEI offers an online course to assist teachers in preparing a multicultural environment in their classroom. Log on today to register for course number CCEI640 – Creating A Multicultural Environment and discover methods to use in your classroom.

The subject of this month’s Online Learning Community Discussion Thread is Culture.

Culture refers to the traditions, rituals, beliefs, and values that are shared amongst a group of people. Each person is a part of at least one culture. Some families participate in several cultures. How do you introduce new cultures into existing programs? Share your ideas or ask questions of other industry experts. CCEI’s Education Coaches are available to answer questions and provide in-depth coverage of this topic.

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Culture in the Classroom
By Alison Levy

For a number of years teachers have become more interested in multicultural education, with the assumption that such approaches help children feel more welcomed, validated, integrated, and able to cooperate with others in their classroom (Allen, McNeill, & Schmidt, 1992; Bredenkamp, 1986; Byrnes & Kiger, 1992; Gollnick & Chin, 1994). In my experience, in addition to these benefits, exposing young children to different cultures makes for a fun and exciting learning environment! There are four main approaches to teaching young children about different cultures. These are multicultural education, anti-bias curriculum, global education, and international education. Read Article

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Ask the Expert: Teaching Culture Through the Arts
By Anna Reyner, Art Therapist

Q:  How can art be used in constructing a young child's view of cultural differences and similarities? -Jacy Varn, Toledo,Ohio

Read Article



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