Volume 1, Issue 4 - November, 2006

Welcome to ChildCare Education Institute’s November, 2006 newsletter!  This month we will explore the implementation and development of math and science activities in the early childhood classroom.  We encourage early childhood educators to place a special focus on including math and science activities in the classroom this month and challenge the children in your care. For inspiration, check out Margaret Allen’s article on incorporating science projects in learning centers on a daily basis. Look, Think, Discover: Adding the Wonder of Science to the Early Childhood Classroom provides numerous hands-on science projects that will capture the interest of curious young minds. 

Teaching Math Every Day by Nancy P. Alexander explains numerous ways a teacher may encourage the development of pre-math skills throughout the day and the importance of assessing young children on a regular basis.  These articles provide an excellent starting point for new teachers, a great review for those with a bit more experience, and great ideas to add interest to your math and science centers.

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Long before children count, add, subtract, or solve a complex word problem, they learn the foundations for math.  By manipulating concrete objects, children go through a series of learning processes that help them develop the thinking skills necessary for understanding math in the primary school years.  Given adequate materials, time to work through play, and a teacher to facilitate, children develop pre-math concepts and the cognitive skills necessary for applying mathematical concepts.

How can early childhood educators promote the development of these pre-math skills?  Are there steps you can take to pique children’s interest in math activities?  Yes!  Create an environment rich in mathematical exploration activities, and watch young children learn.

There are several steps children go through as they learn math skills in the classroom. Children first play and explore, then move on to sorting, classifying, and patterning.  When given a tub of math toys or manipulatives, children will first explore and play. They may interact with one another and play imaginatively. Eventually, sorting and classification will begin.  A well-stocked math center provides children with access to a variety of materials they can sort and classify. Provide tubs of objects that can be sorted, classified, patterned and counted. A math center in a preschool classroom might include small toy objects such as bears, cars, animals, or fish; collections of seashells, rocks, and leaves; large multicolor paperclips; file folder games for matching; puzzles; colored milk caps; and interlocking blocks.

In addition to providing a variety of materials for children to sort, classify, and pattern, teachers can encourage them to develop pre-math skills by staging activities that promote comparison. Have a child find two objects that are the same in a group. You can pick an object, then have the child find one that matches it. Create sorting trays for small objects and ask children to distinguish between items based on color, shape, or size. You will be amazed by the children in your care when you incorporate pre-math activities in your daily plans!

Are you interested in learning more about the inclusion of math and science activities in the early childhood classroom?  ChildCare Education Institute is pleased to offer CCEI430 “Math Madness” and CCEI440 “Sensational Science”. These courses provide educators with information regarding the development of pre-math skills and the foundations for inciting a love of science in young children.  Each course includes a multitude of hands-on activities that may be easily incorporated into daily lesson plans for maximum impact.

This month’s
Online Learning Community Discussion Thread asks teachers to share popular pre-math activities and science center activities they are effectively using in the classroom. Log on to discuss what works for you and receive tips from other educators around the country. CCEI’s Education Coaches are available to answer questions and provide in-depth coverage of this topic.

Teaching Math Every Day
By Nancy P. Alexander

There are many opportunities for teaching important math skills each and every day. Two concepts that are particularly important are: informal measurement and classifying. Evaluate the chances you have to incorporate these two math skills into the experiences you provide for children.
Read Article


Look, Think, Discover: Adding the Wonder of Science to the Early Childhood Classroom
By Margaret Allen, Ph.D.

Exploring science is an exciting and wondrous part of early childhood. Innately curious, young children seek to investigate and discover “how their world works.” They question; they look; they listen; they talk about their findings. They investigate the passage of light through various materials; how insects crawl on the ground; and what sinks, what floats, and why! Read Article


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