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Brain Development and Learning
20 Ways to Encourage Children's Resourcefulness and Creativity
Brain Development Research Can Influence Early Childhood Curriculum
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Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute October Newsletter.  This month CCEI discusses Brain Development and Learning.

Have you ever witnessed an infant or toddler perform a skill that is generally associated with older children?  You may have wondered, 'how did that child learn to do that'?  In a safe and supportive environment and with stimulating care, some of the 100 billion neurons in a child's brain will connect.  In other words, they learn!

As a teacher, you play an integral role in helping children connect with the world around them. Teachers influence children's learning.

Why has brain research become such a hot topic?  There have been huge discoveries in the research areas of neuroscience, behavioral science, social science, and child development.  These fields have overlapping areas of interest that include children and learning.

Additionally, politicians have begun to give attention to brain development and young children's learning skills.  Focus on the very young child has recently taken a positive turn.  Now, more than ever before, our government, schools, and even community action groups have identified the well-being of children as a priority.  The economy is greatly impacted by the increase in women in the workplace, especially women with young children.  These working mothers are concerned about the quality of care their children receive during the day.

Brain development research has gained attention because technological advances have increased scientist's ability to study the way the human brain functions. These advances allow scientists to look at the effects of positive versus negative learning influences and how they cause brain activity to differ. We know quality care and education supports healthy brain development.

To learn more, register for CCEI810, Brain Development and Learning: What Every Early Care and Education Professional Should Know.  CCEI810 educates students in the following areas:

  • - identifying and defining important terms related to the brain and how it develops
  • - understanding factors related to nature and nurture
  • - stressors that may interfere with healthy brain development

Sign up for this and other early childhood education courses at www.cceifame.com to increase your professional knowledge.  Also, continue your professional growth by participating in the CCEI Online Discussion Thread.  This month we will discuss methods to build Language Development in Young Children.

20 Ways to Encourage Children's Resourcefulness and Creativity
By Karen Stephens
  Resourcefulness, the ability to meet
  challenges in a variety of  ways, is a
  by-product of creative intelligence.  As
  children develop resourcefulness, they learn
  to trust their instincts and unique abilities. 
  They acquire a positive attitude toward
  problem solving.  Resourceful children
  mature into confident and industrious people. 
  Just as important, they tap into the multitude
  of joys life has to offer.  The capacity to be  
  resourceful stems from our miraculous brain, but not just any brain.  No, creativity can only be harvested from a well-nourished brain.  It requires a partnership between genetic inheritance and responsive adults willing to nurture and stimulate.  With the right greenhouse conditions, creativity flowers to its natural conclusion - expression of the human spirit.  If we raise children brave enough to be creative, we bestow a gift money can't buy.  So apply the following tips and seed your child's imagination.  Enjoy the bloom, and may the harvest be unending.  Read Article

Printed Courtesy of Child Care Information Exchange
Brain Development Research Can Influence Early Childhood Curriculum
By Judith Colbert
  The scientific community is one of the most
  valuable sources of information about the
  learners in your care.  Recently, much has
  been written about the latest findings of
  researchers into brain development in young
  children.  Why is this research important to
  you as an early childhood professional?
  How can the findings of these studies be
  implemented into your classroom?  How will
  this recent brain research affect your role as a
  curriculum developer?  Read Article
Printed Courtesy of Early Childhood News
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