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Learning Centers
Keep It Moving! Rotating Your Learning Centers to Keep Learning Fresh
Basic Premises of Classroom Design: The Teacher's Perspective
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 Welcome to the ChildCare Education Institute September Newsletter!  This month CCEI discusses
 learning centers.
  Research has shown that children learn best through
  meaningful, hands-on interaction with challenging, 
  developmentally appropriate materials in a physically
  and emotionally safe environment.  Higher order
  learning takes place when children interact with
  hands-on materials for an extended period of  time. 
  This requires that learning centers be well equipped
  with materials that attract and hold the interest of 
  children.  However, even the best learning centers
  need to be continually refreshed to prevent boredom  
  and keep children motivated to learn and explore.

Have you ever noticed how something that is new and intriguing gets a lot of attention? New people you meet, new places you go, and new things you learn or see are all fascinating!  When these things become common place, it is easy to lose interest.  The same is true with the materials placed in classroom learning centers.  Children will lose interest in new things after repeated exposure.  Losing interest in something does not mean that the items are not valuable; they just do not present a challenge anymore.

The developmentally appropriate classroom is filled with equipment and materials that encourage children to explore, ask questions, and learn.  Keeping these areas fresh and appealing to children is an important task for the early childhood teacher.  When children lose interest, they often lose their motivation to explore and learn.

By including learning centers in the classroom, where materials are grouped together to encourage play and exploration, children's activities become meaningful to them. 

This month we will explore ways and share ideas on keeping your classroom learning centers alive and refreshed.  Be sure to logon to the CCEI Discussion Thread to share your best practices and learn about practices used by other early childhood professionals.

Online Learning Community Discussion Thread
  • What Block Center activities are used in your classroom?
  • What Dramatic Play Center props are used in your classroom?
  • What Science Center activities have been successful in your classroom?
  • How is the Reading Center incorporated in your classroom?

Logon to participate in the Online Learning Community Discussion Thread and share with other early childhood professional ideas
that have worked in your classroom.  In addition you will receive feedback from the CCEI faculty.

  • Are your learning centers full of life, learning, and laughter?
  • Are children excited about the new things they see in them?
  • Do you often add materials that reflect the current interests   of the children?
If you answered "No" to any of those questions, CCEI450B will help you "Liven Up Your Learning Centers!"  Even if you answered "Yes" to some of those questions, this course will offer you ideas to help keep your learning centers lively and add new specialty centers.  Enroll in this or one of the over 120 courses provided by CCEI.
Keep It Moving!  Rotating Your Learning Centers to Keep Learning Fresh
By Susan A. Miller, Ed.D
  During the past few weeks, Mrs. Marcy has noticed that
  the preschoolers seldom ever went near the sand play
  center, a learning center previously so popular that
  she had to add extra toys to accommodate all of the
  children eager to play there. It was time to evaluate what
  happened to this once-favorite learning spot.
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Basic Premises of Classroom Design: The Teacher's Perspective
By Terri Jo Swim, Ph.D
  It's that time of year-Fall. You and the children have 
  settled into the daily routine. The curriculum is in full
  swing and learning is occurring all around the room.
  But is it optimal learning? What aspects of your work
  would you need to consider in addressing this
  question? Is it about the curricular experiences you
  have planned? Or is it about the physical layout of the
  classroom? Or could it be the types of materials you
  have provided the children? Or, still, could it be about
  the relationships you have developed with the children
  and their families? Given the importance of the
  physical environment, this article will consider how the
  physical environment influences the children's learning
  and development. More specifically, the focus of this
  article is on answering the question: How do teachers
  create meaningful learning environments for themselves
  and the children?

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